Getting Started With Passive Income

Hi my name is Brian Goers and I am going to tell you how to make money online with no strings attached. No I will not ask for your email and there are no membership fees. What I am going to do is simply share with you what my wife and I do to generate passive income and how we do it without asking for anything in return. Sound good? Then let’s get started.

Simple Passive Income

Opening your own online business is the easiest and most cost effective way to free yourself from your current occupation or add money to your present income. There is no other business around that allows you work from your home, keep your “store” open 24 hours and day and never have to hire one single employee in the process. There is also no other business that can be up and running for less than $90 dollars a year. YES I did say a year and no I do NOT want your $90 dollars.

Before you get started, I want to share with you a three golden rules on running a passive income online business. Stick to these rules and you WILL make money online. Ignore them and the results of your endeavors could end in a not so favorable way.

  1. IT IS NOT INSTANT – On average it is going to take you somewhere between 3 to 6 months or more to see any financial returns on anything you do online.
  2. PATIENCE, PATIENCE! – Patience and consistency is what wins in the end. Jumping from one online fad to another will end in disaster. Find topics that you know about or feel strongly opinionated about and let the world know.
  3. K.I.S.S. WITHOUT STOPPING – Yes the famous old acronym which means, Keep It Simple Stupid. This is the most important rule in obtaining passive income. Keep it simple and stay with what works. For every one miracle Facebook type story there are a thousand stories of new online business ideas that go nowhere. Certain items sell all the time no matter what. Emotion makes people buy an item quicker than any advertisement. Stick to these rules and the money will follow.

First Things First

I now want to give you the tools and knowledge that you will need to open your own successful online business. Some of these things are free of charge and others will cost you a little money but nothing expensive I promise.

First of all you need a business idea. That is something that can take a great amount of time if you are not sure which way to turn. Thankfully, I can help you cut down on your brainstorming time by letting you know which types of websites work and which ones do not. The most popular sites that get the most amount of traffic are websites that help people or get people emotionally engaged. Top 10 Sites, Review Sites and Best “Whatever” sites do very well because they give people valuable information who are trying to decide which product to choose while allowing you to direct them to the sale of the product which are usually your personal affiliate links (more on affiliate links in just a little bit). These are all examples of ideas that can help people.

An example of a site like this is one my own: Engine I simply provide information to people about car motors that I researched for myself on the Internet and then I place ads through an affiliate link ad source (more on that soon) and let the ads provide a passive income. People visit the website for information that they need, the ad looks appealing to a percentage of them, they click on the ad and if they like what they see, they buy and I get commission from the sale. Pretty simple for the most part.

Sites that can get people emotionally engaged can be anything related to debatable issues or things that people are strongly opinionated about. There are TOO MANY political websites out there so don’t even try that. But others ideas that work can be a website about why you do or do not like cats or dogs. Or why a particular sports team is the best or the worst in your opinion. These types of issues get people’s emotions stirred up and allow you to sell products and so forth.

A great example of a site like this (no this is NOT one of my sites) is: where they discuss How to Handle Your Dog Around People With Dog Phobias. Whoever owns this site is quite brilliant because they know how to get people emotionally engaged. If you notice, they also sell products on the site which is a great passive income generator. Whether you hate dogs or love them is not the point. The point is to create streams of passive income.

Of course the best idea in the world is worthless if nobody else cares about it. That is why it is extremely important to do your keyword research first to find out what people are looking for and what they are not.

A great site to find out what is hot and what is not is Keyword Tool provided by You have to register for a FREE account before you can access the keyword tool but once this is done then you simply access the tool and enter any set of keywords you are interested in to find out how many searches per day the keywords get.

Once you have found the products or topics that get a good amount of searches per day (usually 50 or more) then you will have the basic foundation for the beginning of your online business. Remember to not mess with topics that have been overused. Choosing subjects like best cell phones or top vacation spots have way too much competition and can be pretty difficult to monetize.

Web Hosting

In order to have a website then you must have website hosting provider. A hosting provider in simple terms is company that rents space on their web servers to give your website a place to “live”. There are two different providers that I have found to be exceptionally user friendly and can be purchased for a reasonable price.

  • SiteGround Hosting – These guys have been around awhile and offer a great hosting package and superb support. Their hosting starts at $4.99 a month and provides a nice base level hosting to beginners.
  • I also love Green Geeks Hosting. This company is one of the few hosting companies around that is completely run on energy generated from 100% Wind Power which is an awesome way to reduce our carbon footprints and keep our planet clean. Their shared hosting platform starts at $2.95 a month and is pretty reliable.

Domain Name

After you have purchased your hosting then you need to pick a domain name or several domain names for your online business. Picking the right domain name can be the most difficult part of your venture. It is usually wise to pick a domain with the same keyword of the product or service that you are trying to promote. So if you want to create a site about the best cake recipes then you definitely should have at least the keywords “cake” or “recipes” in your domain. Google Domains is a great place to shop for domains and at $12.00 a year is also a great price too.

At that price you can afford to try creating multiple websites or if your first domain idea is not the greatest then you can always think of something better down the road.

Making Money Online

This is the part that everyone loves. Here is where I will tell you how to make money from your website. I will assume at this point you are almost ready to get your online business up and running. You should have your domain now and a general idea of what you want to promote. Now the fun part begins, Affiliate Programs.

An affiliate program is the core of making money online and there are thousands of them to choose from. For those of you not familiar with an affiliate program then I will explain briefly what it is.

Companies everywhere want to make more money. The companies look for website owners who are willing to promote the company’s products in exchange for a cut of the commission of the sale which goes back to the site owner (that’s you). The companies of course handle any returns, complaints, etc. and you get to enjoy the money. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Probably the next question you have is how you are ever going to be able to sort through thousands of affiliate programs to decide which one is best for you. The answer is simple. Two companies have taken the difficulties out of searching for the right affiliate program by bringing the best affiliate programs/e-book sales programs together under one roof. These companies are Commission Junction and Clickbank. It is free to sign up for either company with no strings attached. Take a moment to check them out and explore what they have to offer and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Commission Junction is for people who want to promote products and services on their sites and Clickbank is more popular with e-book crowd. Both however are very popular with average sales commissions that will go into your pocket running anywhere from $30 to $100 dollars a sale. If you get two sales a day based on an average of a $65.00 dollar commission then that is a $910.00 paycheck per week that goes to you.

When you have registered for either ClickBank, Commission Junction or both then you will notice that each item you are promoting will offer HTML or Javascript style links to place ads on your website. You simply choose the code that you want and copy and paste it into your webpage to start promoting the product.

For additional info on how to post ads on your website be sure to checkout these videos.

Also try multiple ads to see which one works the best. Some ads convert better than others depending on the site content and topics that you are discussing. Content is king and creating a hight quality website with interesting and useful information is what will get you the traffic but it takes time. Once you start learning about affiliate programs more and how they work you will see quickly that there is a ton of ways to make money online. Remember again, to not give up and stick to your plan.

How to Build a Website

The next thing to get done to create your passive income machine is to build a website. Twenty years ago website designers were considered to be somewhat like rocket scientist because the idea of creating a website was so intimidating to people. Those days are in the past and there are a lot of ways to build a great looking web site for little or no cost to you. Both of the recommended hosting companies that I discussed earlier, SiteGround and GreenGeeks have free website builders that also include professional looking templates that can give you a great looking site with just a few hours of work.

As you can see from the links, building a website is actually pretty simple in comparison to what it was in the past. One very popular solution that I personally prefer for building websites is WordPress. WordPress has stood the test of time and approximately 30% of websites today that you see are built on WordPress. The learning curve in the beginning can be a little challenging if you are NOT using any of the recommended web hosting providers above but if you are, it is pretty straightforward.

WordPress also provides plenty of tutorials to help you get started with your website creation journey. A couple of good ones to help you are:

I know this may seem like an overwhelming amount of information but by taking it step by step and not rushing into anything, you will find the perfect passive income model for your needs.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on through the contact form at


  1. All the good domains are taken. How can I find one that will work? – It is true that a lot of simple domains have been taken but there are still quite a few hidden gems out there if you keep searching. Also keep in mind that hyphenated domains like are still more acceptable now than they once were. Also domains with strong keywords can be used by simply adding “ing”, “s” or “ed” endings. For example,
  2. Should I create just one or two sites or should I have multiple sites? – Having multiple sites is definitely the way to go. It is much better in the long run creating 10 websites that make $300 dollars each a month than to have two sites that make $1500 each per month. Plus if you lose search engine ranking on one site and you only have two then you are really going to take a hard hit. Also don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Try different niches to keep yourself covered.
  3. I know nothing about websites or hosting. How can I ever expect to open a passive income website with absolutely no knowledge of anything web related? – This is why the two hosting companies that I recommend on this site are important. Both of them are great at taking their time to help their customers understand how to create a website. Both GreenGeeks and SiteGround also offer quite a lot of easy to tutorials to help you get started. Plus you also have me to ask as well if you need anything.
  4. Can I use free hosting for my web sites? – I would discourage the use of free hosting for several reasons. Most free hosting companies offer very little support so if you get into any messes then it could be days before the problem gets resolved. Also spammers and low quality site owners love free hosting. Do you really want your websites to be on the same server with someone involved in spamming or other schemes?
  5. Can you promise me that I will make money online no matter what? – No I can’t promise you that at all. But what I can promise you is if are diligent, patient and create websites with quality content that people need and can use then you will make money as long as you stick to the principles that I have given you here.
  6. I have been contacted by a company that says they can improve my site rankings. Should I give them a try? – Definitely no! There are a lot of search engine optimization companies around that promote improvements in website rankings. The problem is that they use techniques that work great in the beginning but most often end up getting your site chopped by Google or other search engines after a few months. Unique and quality site content combined with time and patience is what wins in the end.