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The Laptop Lifestyle is a term that describes a movement of people who leverage the Internet and a laptop computer to create online businesses that allow them to have the freedom and flexibility that typical jobs cannot provide.
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Below are a few of the main reasons that people pursue this Lifestyle:

  • More Time and Geographical Freedom – Most people are tired of working a set 9-5 schedule and want the freedom to work when they want to from where they want to. With the broad reach of the Internet, the ability to live this lifestyle is at most everyones fingertips.
    In addition, the ability to create online automated business systems that do a lot of the work for you can make a huge difference in the actual amount of time spent working. This means that more time is put back into your life doing what you enjoy.
  • No Ties to a Corporate Structure – With a Laptop Lifestyle, you are no longer tied to any one company or business entity that dictates your direction in life. The online world offers multiple ways to create an online business without the need to depend on just one source for everything.
    This provides more flexibility in building a lifestyle and business that fits your needs.
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  • You Pursue What You Love – Have you ever had a job that you don’t like simply because you have no interest in what the company does?
    When you have your own Internet based business, you get to pick whatever your interest is.
    People who love drones can promote drones online, people who love exercise can promote exercise products online. You can even promote big companies like Amazon and Walmart in exchange for a commission if you choose to do so*. The sky is the limit.

*Individual results will vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee any results – Read our Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

How Can You Live the Laptop Lifestyle?

The FREE video series that you can sign up for below will show you step by step how YOU can live the Laptop Lifestyle. You will learn about 2 proven business models that will allow you to start your own Internet based business as well as have the opportunity to work with experts who are successful with their own Laptop Lifestyle business models and are ready to help you do the same.